Best Candle Making Kits

Do you like the fresh scent from the candles from each room of the house? Tired of paying for this luxury item, why not try it yourself? A little clever feeling?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, you are in the right place! Here I will discuss the best candle making kit for beginners you can buy.

1.    Rachel’s Art Candle Making Kit

This is my choice for candle lovers I wish the budget choice. Rachel’s kit is also a great choice for children who want to embrace their clever side. This nifty kit allows you to design your own candle with 5 bags, 3 cores and 3 containers of colored wax. The instructions given will allow anyone to pick up this kit and get started quickly. Easy to follow!


  • Very cheap
  • Possible design
  • Great for both beginners and kids


  • Very basic, may only be good for children
  • Only 3 candles, other kits can do more

2.    DIY Natural Soy

Because of the lighter aroma, you can go wrong with this natural soy set. Its aromas include “rainwater”, lilies, jasmine, vanilla beans, and sandalwood. This set comes with enough soya wax flakes to make seven candles. Detailed explanations are good for beginners and will be a great activity for the whole family.


  • Natural soy ingredients
  • Fresh fragrance
  • Mason Jar


  • slightly higher than other kits

•      Soy flakes are slightly different from normal waxes in usage.

3.    Essential Oils Candle Kit

This kit is about the same price as the others, but you only get enough material for the two candles. You may turn this off immediately but do not. You may get a smaller amount, but the quality is wise if you are getting a better deal. This Essential Oil Kit has a lavender scent and comes with all the natural ingredients. The Simply Earth brand stands behind its eco-friendly products, with some of its profits being spent on charity. Because recipe cards may be a bit harder for children to follow by themselves, they will need adult supervision. This is a perfect gift for anyone who wants a beginner candle kit that can really feel the quality.


  • Excellent material
  • The scent is beautiful
  • Average price


  • Only 2 candles
  • Instructions a little hard for children to follow

4.    Palm Wax Candle Making Kit

This Beginner’s Kit has enough Palm Wax to make eight candles. The price is slightly lower than the soy candle kit and it is coarse with the same quality. It just depends on which wax you prefer to use when making candles. There are simple instructions with pictures, even smaller children could understand how to use this kit I love and proper family activities.


  • High-quality palm wax
  • Enough to make 8 candles
  • Brief description for beginners


  • Expensive
  • For more than a few pounds, you can do more with soy kits.

5.    Soy Candle Making Kit

Another soy wax product in the mix, this starter kit comes with lots. It is the most expensive pick in the list, but for good reason. It contains enough ingredients to make a 12 or 8-ounce candle jar much more than the other kits here. I especially like the instructions included because they are detailed, and include photos that simplify tasks for beginners. The included scent is completely different from the other scents included in this list. For example, mango and banana, red pineapple and agave honey.


  • I love the smell
  • Make a lot of candles
  • Easy to follow the instructions


  • most expensive in the list
  • The scent is a bit wild! Some people prefer the more natural type

So, what is the best candle making kit?

All five of my lists are wonderful candle making kits that any novice producer will be willing to buy. The choice of which kit to buy depends on whether you want something more advanced or if the children are involved. Then I would recommend a soy candle making kit and a Rachel candle respectively.

Overall, I will say that my winner for the best candle making kit for beginners will be DIY natural soy. It’s a medium price option, it makes a fair number of candles, it contains a mason jar, and the instructions are easy to follow. Of the five, this will be my choice of the best!

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